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10 of the Greatest Marvel Characters Who Didn’t Have Superpowers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is brimming with fan favorites. With so many to select from, everyone is likely to have a favorite character with whom they most strongly identify. Fans often argue over which Avenger is the most powerful, who the finest villain in the MCU is, and which variation of Groot is the best. This article, however, is not about them.

This article is dedicated to the underdogs, the small boys, and ladies, the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that don't necessarily wow us with their abilities but yet manage to dazzle our hearts. Here are the 10 greatest marvel characters who didn’t have superpowers:

1. Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo makes his big-screen debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp, portrayed by Randall Park. While Jimmy is a respected FBI agent, it was evident that he was still attempting to establish his footing and express himself amid his difficult exchanges with Scott.

Woo can provide comprehensive explanations of the Sokovia Accords, but he has difficulties in social circumstances, such as asking for a bite to eat. But that's part of what makes Jimmy Woo such a fun and charming character.

2. Thunderbolt Ross

William Hurt portrayed a stern but formidable Thunderbolt Ross in The Incredible Hulk, which should come as no surprise given that both he and his son are huge Hulk fans.

Thunderbolt Ross is most known in the comics for his transformation into the Red Hulk, and there have been several efforts to make an MCU Red Hulk debut. Red Hulk was considered for Captain America: Civil War at one time, but the film was already too busy with other narrative lines for this to happen.

3. Okoye

Black Panther introduces a slew of Wakandans to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Okoye is a formidable non-powered character that you don't want to get on the wrong side of. She's strong, ferocious, and has a sense of humor.

Okoye has a distinct combat technique as compared to other heroes, relying on her spear and sometimes, her wig to defeat her foes.

4. Phil Coulson

Some may overlook Phil Coulson's importance in the early years of the MCU since he was one of the few connecting points between Phase 1 entries before The Avengers.

Clark Gregg's Coulson, an original invention for the MCU, immediately became a fan favorite due to his frequent cameos between films.

5. Ned Leeds

Everyone has a best buddy. Someone with whom they can have fun. Someone they can rely on in difficult times. Someone they can put their hidden identity in the hands of. You know, the usual best buddy thing. Ned Leeds, on the other hand, epitomizes the best buddy more than any other MCU character.

Ned replaced the customary Harry Osborn feature as Peter's closest friend, drawing more influence from Ganke from Miles Morales' Spider-Man run. This was ultimately a great option since it provided a new perspective on Peter's group of friends.

Ned's presence provides a more grounded dynamic between the two, allowing them to nerd out and have fun like regular high-schoolers.

6. Harley Keener

Harley served as a fascinating contrast to Tony's 'Mechanic' in Iron Man 3, being a bright and inquisitive child with father difficulties.

Throughout the film, Tony behaved as a father figure to Harley, encouraging his interests in science and engineering while his parents refused to listen to him.

7. Luis

Luis and his van have gone through a lot, and his car has had an unexpectedly large influence on the MCU as a whole.

Luis' 1972 Ford Ecoline was originally featured in Ant-Man, when he stated it was the one constant in his life after his loved ones abandoned him in various ways.

8. Darcy Lewis

The Thor films include a slew of supporting characters, ranging from Asgardians to normal people. Darcy has had a few memorable moments in the MCU, giving much-needed humorous relief and lightness amid the high fantasy mythology exposition dumps. She used a taser to knock down Thor, the great God of Thunder, inadvertently utilizing his lightning power against him.

9. Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter is the paradigm that all non-powered MCU characters want to be. She is smart, tough, and resourceful.

Even though her MCU appearances have been few, she consistently delivers. And there is no Captain America without Peggy Carter.

10. Nick Fury

Fury's impact on the MCU is immense, having featured in 11 films so far, with more appearances on the way.

He is the driving force behind the Avengers' founding and the captain of the biggest superhero team ever formed.

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