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X-Force #102A

X-Force #102A


X-MEN: REVOLUTION! A bold new era for the X-Men begins! Six months from when we last saw them, X-Force has a cut-down roll-call, a new leader and a rededication to their mission. Theirs is a purposeful adventurism?saving the world from itself. These are people who have spent a long time on the underside of society... they've seen strange things; theirs is a skewed veiw of the world. Now, they're the flip side of Professor X's dream of integrating the mutant race into mainstream humanity. They're a proactive strikeforce that holds both human and mutant to task for their hidden crimes, the things no one finds out about until it's much, much too late. This is a berserk widescreen story of mutants, secrets, massive property damage and deep, dark hate. THE CREATORS: X-FORCE joins GENERATION X and X-MAN under the watch of writer Warren Ellis. The new team is completed by co-scripter Ian Edginton (Aliens Vs. Predator) and penciler Whilce Portacio (Wetworks). 32 pages. Cover price $2.25.

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    Marvel Comics

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