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X-Factor #10

X-Factor #10


Marvel 25th Anniversary Cover - The Mutant Massacre! "Falling Angel!" Story by Louise Simonson. Art by Walter Simonson and Bob Wiacek. One of the darkest chapters in mutant history continues as the Marauders continue the genocide of the outcast Morlocks. As Cyclops, Beast, and Ice Man remain in the Morlock tunnels and attempt to stop the death and destruction, Angel and Jean flee to the surface with an injured Rusty and the Morlock called Skids. However, Angel soon falls victim to the Marauders and they crucify him by his wings, an act that will have lasting repercussions on X-Factor and the X-Men for years to come. Featuring appearances by Apocalypse and Sabretooth. Story continues in Thor (1st Series) #373-374. Cover price $0.75.

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