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Witchblade #25

Witchblade #25

Cover pencils by Michael Turner, inks by D-Tron; Cover depicts Sara standing in front of a background of yellow clouds. Untitled story, script by Christina Z. and David Wohl, pencils by Michael Turner, inks by D-Tron; Team Tron [Andy Kim; Jeff De Los Santos; Jose Guillen; Marcia Chen] (Assistants); Julie has gone to bed with Church of Prosperity leader Gavin Taylor who grows violent when she starts teasing him; She is saved by the intervention of the man behind Gavin's bid for power, Kenneth Irons; Ian is trying to kill Jake and his Church of Prosperity informant when Sara shows up to stop him; She is able to defeat him and take back the power of the Witchblade. 36 pgs. $2.50.
Cover price $2.95.
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    Image Comics

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