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Witchblade #20

Witchblade #20

Cover pencils by Michael Turner, inks by D-Tron. Untitled story, script by Michael Turner (Co-plot), Christina Z., and David Wohl, pencils by Michael Turner, Mat Broome, and Brian Ching (Assistant), inks by D-Tron [Joe Weems, Sean Parsons, Marco Galli (Assistant)] and Team Tron [Andy Kim, Jeff De Los Santos, Jose Guillen, and Marcia Chen]; Without the power of the Witchblade, Sara tries to resume her "real" life on the police force but finds her partner, Jake, a little hostile with all of the mystic madness she has put him through; Sara feels compelled to enter the subway but gets captured and has to be rescued by the new Witchblade, Ian Nottingham. 36 pgs. $2.50.
Cover price $2.50.
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    Image Comics

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