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What If(vol. 2) #114

What If(vol. 2) #114


Final issue. What if...? Starring Secret Wars. "25 Years Later, comes a New Generation of Heroes!" After the epic Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1-12 the victorious Marvel Heroes returned to Earth, but what if they hadn't? Twenty-five years later, and now their children take up the fight. Follow the first adventure of the daughter of Wolverine and Storm, the son of Thor and the Enchantress, the daughter of Captain America and Rogue, the son of She Hulk and Hawkeye, and the son of Human Torch and Wasp. Plus, when the next generation of super heroes do finally make it back to Earth, what kind of planet will they find? 32 pages. Fold out cover. Cover price $2.50.

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    Marvel Comics

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