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West Coast Avengers Annual #8

West Coast Avengers Annual #8


"If Volcanic Winter Comes" Guest-starring the Raptor. Story by Roy Thomas. Cover by David Ross and Tim Dzon. Chapter 1: The Gathering. Art by Kris Renkewitz, Don Hudson, and John Lowe. A teenage mutant (Gary Wilton) accidentally stumbles into Ultron's secret lair in San Francisco. Moments later the Avengers arrive and attack Ultron and Alkema (aka War Toy), but fall victim to Ultron's mesmeric ray. During the battle, Gary Wilton transforms into the Raptor and escapes! Chapter 2: Let Us Prey! Art by David Ross and Tim Dzon. The origin of the Raptor. Chapter 3: Northern Explosion! Art by Scott Kolins, Tim Dzon, and Maria Beccari. A hypnotized Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch travel to Alaska to set off a volcano, but Dr. Pym and the Wasp are there to stop them. Chapter 4: Mexican Bake-Off! Art by Larry Alexander and Mike Barreiro. Likewise in Mexico, Mockingbird and War Machine are preparing to blow-up a volcano, when the Living Lightning and Tigra arrive to oppose them. Chapter 5: Fuss and Feathers. Art by John Czop and Maria Beccari. This time it's a mesmerized Spider-woman and U.S. Agent vs. Iron Man and the Raptor. Chapter 6: More and Less Than Human. Art by Vince Russell and Fred Fredericks. Can all the Avengers stop Ultron from destroying the Earth? Special feature: 3 pages of pin-ups and a 2-page cover gallery. First appearance of the Raptor. 64 pages. Cover price $2.95.

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