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West Coast Avengers #61

West Coast Avengers #61


"The Immortus Imperative" Story by Roy & Dann Thomas. Art by Paul Ryan and Danny Bulanadi. Cover by Paul Ryan. Immortus transports the Avengers to Limbo and resurrects the Legion of the Unliving! The Avengers must battle deceased foes to stay alive. Meanwhile at the Avengers compound, Agatha Harkness uncovers the details of Immortus' scheme. Also, the Scarlet Witch is revealed to be a ?Nexus Being.' Avengers Lineup: Hawkeye, Dr. Pym, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Wonder Man and U.S. Agent. (Note: The last page features a full page ad for the upcoming five-part Terminus Factor storyline that will run through the Avengers summer annuals.) 32 pages Cover price $1.00.

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    Marvel Comics

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