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West Coast Avengers #56

West Coast Avengers #56


"Darker than Scarlet..." Guest-starring Magneto and Quicksilver. Story by John Byrne. Art by John Byrne and Paul Ryan. Recent events have pushed Wanda over the edge. Now, she's out to do the unthinkable, the Scarlet Witch will destroy the Avengers. Brought to you by the man who co-wrote the Dark Phoenix Saga. Plus, the back-up story "Reunion." Featuring the first time Captain America and the Golden Age Human Torch have seen each other since their Invaders days during World War II. Guest-starring Iron Man and Sersi. By John Byrne. 32 pages. NOTE: The events in this issue begin a series of events that will eventually lead to the Avengers Disassembled storyline in Avengers (1997 3rd Series) #500-503 and House of M #1-7. Cover price $1.00.

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    Marvel Comics

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