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West Coast Avengers #54

West Coast Avengers #54


Acts of Vengeance crossover - "The Troubled Earth" Script by John Byrne. Pencils by John Byrne. Inks by Paul Ryan. Cover by John Byrne. Story continues from Avengers 312. The Mole Man is the next unexpected super-villain to attack the Avengers! On three separate fronts, the Fantastic Four's long, long-time foe sends his subterranean creatures to strike the west coast team. In the skies above Los Angeles, Shell-Head and the U.S. Agent clash with Giganto! While a mile underground, Wonder Man and the golden age torch tackle the Mole Man and his minions! And over the Rocky Mountains, the flying Tricephalous knocks the Avengers' quinjet (that was returning from New York) out of the sky! Death seems certain for Hank, Jan, and Wanda; until a magnetic savior arrives on the scene! Why is Magneto suddenly helping the West Coast Avengers? Story continues in Avengers 313. Cameo appearances by Loki, Captain America, Quasar, and the Vision. (Notes: The cover is an homage to the cover of Fantastic Four (1st series) #1. This issue was reprinted in 2011 in the hardcover: Acts of Vengeance Omnibus.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.00.

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