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The New Mutants #30

The New Mutants #30


Cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz. The Singer & Her Song, script by Chris Claremont, art by Bill Sienkiewicz; Shadowcat uses Illyana's Soulsword to transform her from the Darkchilde back to her normal human form, manifesting Magik's armor in the process; The kids return to earth from Limbo and once again head to the mutant arena to rescue the captured Magma and Sunspot; They are secretly spied on by the Beyonder but Rachel senses him and tries to communicate; Dazzler and Shadowcat infiltrate the Gladiators but are captured by the one who is actually controlling events in the arena, the former New Mutant, Karma. 36 pgs. $0.65. Cover price $0.65.

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    Marvel Comics

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