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The Mighty Thor(vol. 1) #317

The Mighty Thor(vol. 1) #317


Cover by Keith Pollard. "Chaos At Canaveral," script by Doug Moench, pencils by Keith Pollard (layouts) and Chic Stone (finished art), inks by Brett Breeding (page 1); Chic Stone (pages 2-9, 25-30); Pablo Marcos (pages 10-17, 19-22, 24); Joe Rubinstein (pages 18, 23); The Man-Beast attempts to hitch a ride on a NASA rocket in an attempt to reach Counter-Earth. Bullpen Bulletins. "The Deciding Factor!" Hostess ad with Captain America. Brief Man-Thing appearance. Cameos by Iron man and Spider-Man. The back cover, a Dungeons & Dragons ad, has art by Bill Willingham. 36 pgs., full color. $0.60. Cover price $0.60.

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    Marvel Comics

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