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Spirits of Vengeance #8

Spirits of Vengeance #8


Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Adam Kubert and Bill Reinhold. Cover by Adam Kubert and Joe Kubert. Devil Dance; John Blaze and Ghost Rider are transported to somewhere else where Mephisto tells them he needs to test their powers and if they pass they will be allowed to ally with him in the upcoming fight against the forces breaking down the dimensional walls; He sends two Soulless Ones to fight them.; John and Ghost Rider are able to defeat them and Mephisto says they passed the first test. Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Joe Kubert. The Great Hunt Part II; Ghost Rider allows himself to be captured so that he can rescue the people taken by The Feeders; They brag that they have been a part of the earth since the beginning and that nothing can destroy them, but Ghost Rider defeats their most powerful member with his penance stare. 36 pages, full color. $1.75. Cover price $1.75.

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    Marvel Comics

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