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Spirits of Vengeance #20

Spirits of Vengeance #20


Written by Howard Mackie. Art and cover by Henry Martinez and Bud La Rosa. Picking Up the Pieces; John Blaze invades a top secret military base where the bodies of those killed from the Quentin Carnival are being held; John downloads the data they have gleaned from the bodies and then destroys their data and the tissue samples, DNA and blood that they were holding; When he is about to leave he is confronted by the ghosts of those who were killed; They say that they don't know why or how they stayed around as ghosts but that they followed their bodies to this base; They tell John that Steel Wind and some of the demons are alive and being experimented on; John kills the demons and rescues Steel Wind against her will; The ghosts stay behind to cover Johns escape. 38 pages, full color. $1.75. Cover price $1.75.

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    Marvel Comics

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