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Sensational Spider-Man #7

Sensational Spider-Man #7


"High Drama" Script by Todd Dezago. Pencils by Luke Ross. Inks by Al Williamson. Cover by Luke Ross. The wondrous wall-crawler (aka Ben Reilly) hurries to the hospital to check on Peter's condition! Mary Jane is already there and fears that the deadly cellular degeneration process has started! The ICU doctors are very concerned too and call in a specialist to help: Dr. Curt Connors! Can the Lizard's alter-ego diagnose the problem? Cameo appearances by Flash Thompson, Liz Osborn, Normie Osborn, Joe Robertson, Felicia Hardy, Betty Brant, Ken Ellis, and Ben Urich. (Notes: This issue includes a 2-page feature on the Onslaught storyline currently taking place in the X-titles. This issue also includes a 4-page feature on Jim Lee's plans for the new Iron Man (1996 2nd series) title; and likewise Rob Liefeld's plans for the new Avengers (1996 2nd series) title.) 40 pages. Cover price $1.95.

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    Marvel Comics

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