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Robocop #15

Robocop #15


Cover by Lee Sullivan and Bob McLeod. Ashes!, script by Simon Furman, art by Lee Sullivan and Harry Candelario; With RoboCops self-destruct activated, Thyle quickly rushes to his aid and disarms the explosive; Once RoboCops termination is avoided, he and Thyle both return inside the factory to destroy the nearly completed RoboCops; Out of desperation, Johnson orders the activation of the RoboCops as his last resort but with disastrous results; He learns that with the lobotomy, these new RoboCops lacked the human balance needed to keep their programming in check, causing them to lash out with instant violent justice; One particular RoboCop sets off an explosion in an attempt to kill himself and brings the factory burning down with RoboCop, Thyle, and Johnson surviving the fire. 36 pgs., full color. $1.50. Cover price $1.50.

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    Marvel Comics

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