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Red Sonja: She Devil with a Sword #2D

Red Sonja: She Devil with a Sword #2D


Frank Bruner cover - by Oeming, Carey, Rubi, Rodriguez & Isanove Bigger than Issue #1! Following last issue's cliffhanger ending, the new tales of Sonja continue from Dynamite, Carey, Oeming, Rubi, Isanove, Rodriguez and the best of the best cover artists! In this issue, the drama continues to unfold as new foes are met, new allies found, and new challenges rise to meet the She-Devil With a Sword! When the curtain is ultimately pulled back, what evil will truly be revealed? Featuring covers by (and shipping in equal increments): J.G. Jones (Wanted), Art Adams, Mel Rubi (A Wraparound cover at no extra cost), and legendary Red Sonja artist, Frank Brunner (colored by Jose Villarubia)! And, as if that weren't enough, a 1-in-25 cover by Billy Tan (X-23), and a 1-in-65 alternate cover with painted art by Estaban Maroto and Jose Villarubia, will be inserted amongst copies shipped! Red Sonja #2 will also have feature a special bonus prelude back-up to the upcoming Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom! Yes, that Thulsa Doom! The villain portrayed by James Earl Jones in the classic Conan movie! Written by filmmaker Luke Lieberman and NY Times best-selling author (and fan-favorite comic writer) Peter David, this story will serve as a lead-in to Sonja's first appearance in "Classic" Conan #23 ? and it all begins in Red Sonja #2 as part of this special preview! Best of all, this issue contains 40 pages of story and art ? bigger than issue #1 ? all for the same price of just $2.99! For the "discriminating collector," this issue is also available in a special Mel Rubi-drawn, Richard Isanove-colored "Fiery Red Foil" cover edition. REGULAR?40pgs, FCSRP: $2.99 FIERY RED FOIL?40pgs, FCPI Cover price $2.99.

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    Dynamite Comics

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