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Punisher Summer Special #’s 1-4

Punisher Summer Special #’s 1-4


Cover pencils by Roderick Delgado, inks by Michael Bair. Stylized Punisher skull on interior Front and back covers by Jimmy Palmiotti. Bombs 'R' Us, script by Pat Mills, pencils by Val Mayerik, inks by Armando Gil; Punisher takes down a crazy masochist that served with him in Viet Nam. Crossed Purposes, script by Peter David, pencils by Mark Texeira (breakdowns), inks by Michael Bair (finishes); Punisher's life is saved by the son of a mob boss and he has to decide how to deal with his criminal benefactor. Ad for the summer's bi-weekly Punisher run, pencils by Hugh Haynes, inks by Jimmy Palmiotti. Independence Day, script by Dan Slott, pencils by Mike Harris, inks by Jimmy Palmiotti; Punisher helps a cop take down one of America's most wanted. Ad for a Jim Lee Punisher/Fury graphic novel that was never published, art by Jim Lee. Wish Granted, script by Will Murray, art by Rodney Ramos; Punisher runs up against a band of young Middle-Eastern terrorists with a death wish. Back cover art by Roderick Delgado. 52 pgs. $2.95. Cover price $2.95.

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    Marvel Comics

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