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Punisher: Pain Killer Jane #1

Punisher: Pain Killer Jane #1


Painted cover by joe jusko garth ennis/joe jusko ? THE SCOOP: The term "bleeding hearts" takes on a new definition as comics' two most violent vigilantes make a love connection! ? THE STORY: One saw his family gunned down?and became a one-man army. The other was blown out of a 12-story building?but rose again to gain revenge. So what happens when two of the most prolific killing machines to ever live finally come face-to-face? It's love at first sight, of course! That is, it is for Painkiller Jane?much to Frank Castle's dismay! Can the Punisher end this blind date in a painless manner, or will it be guns and roses for these two lovebirds? And more importantly, can the world survive this rifle-totting romance? ? THE CREATORS: Talk about your killer couples! Is anyone hotter?or better suited?than PUNISHER's own Garth Ennis to write this vicious valentine? And you know painter Joe Jusko will deliver the goods! ? THE FORMAT: This one-shot is 32 pages, with ads, and features a cardstock cover. FC, 32pg Cover price $3.50.

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    Marvel Comics

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