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Punisher Max #68

Punisher Max #68


Six Hours to KIll: Part 3 of 5 - Written by DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI Penciled by MICHEL LACOMBE Cover by DAVE JOHNSON 'HOUR GAME'-So much for Brotherly Love... Seems like everyone in Philadelphia won't be content until they're staring at the 200-pound corpse of Frank Castle. See, everybody's gunning for the Punisher tonight-a crooked Mayor, a hot blonde, a pair of dirty ex-cops, a roving gang of executioners, the Russian mob...oh, and the Philly PD and FBI, too. And if none of the above get him, the clock will-thanks to the poison racing through Castle's veins that will kill him in less than three hours. 32 PGS./Explicit Content. Cover price $3.99.

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    Marvel Comics

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