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Pitt(vol. 1) #9

Pitt(vol. 1) #9


Cover pencils by Dale Keown, inks by Billy Tan. Untitled story, script by Dale Keown (story) and Steve Gerber, pencils by Dale Keown, inks by Billy Tan (p. 1-11) and Mark Farmer (p. 12-23); Jereb tells Pitt his origin story--he is a hybrid of the human woman Ann Bracken and the alien overlord Zoyvod; Timmy Bracken turns out to be Pitt's twin brother (thus explaining the fact that they share the same genetic profile); Pitt begins to make Earth his new home, secretly watching over Timmy as he does so; Timmy uses latent powers left over from being possessed by Jereb to fend off bullies who are tormenting him at school. 36 pgs. $1.95. Cover price $1.95.

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    Image Comics

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