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Nightwing #50

Nightwing #50


Dick Grayson's early years as a costumed crime-fighter are explored in this month's ROBIN: YEAR ONE, but his current-day adventures are chronicled each month in the pages of the hit series NIGHTWING. Now, in the extra-sized landmark NIGHTWING #50, Dick finds himself at a crossroads, where he must make a difficult decision that could affect the kind of hero he chooses to be in the future. Dudley Soames ? the twisted (in more ways than one) psychopath known as Torque ? has been going down a path of insanity ever since his head was twisted 180 degrees by the behemoth known as Blockbuster. In NIGHTWING #50, written by the regular creative team of writer Chuck Dixon (ROBIN, BIRDS OF PREY, Marvel Knights) and artists Greg Land (BIRDS OF PREY) and Jose Marzan, Jr. (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN), Soames finally loses it and takes Arnot, and the entire Blüdhaven Police Headquarters, hostage. It's now up to Dick Grayson to set things right, and he prepares himself for the ultimate face-off against Soames in order to free the hostages. But before he can do anything, Dick first must decide which uniform he's going to wear in order to get the job done most effectively. Will he adopt his daytime identity of Blüdhaven rookie cop, or will he tackle Soames in his nocturnal identity of Nightwing? Cover price $3.50.

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