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Nightwing #41

Nightwing #41


WRITTEN BY CHUCK DIXON; ART AND COVER BY GREG LAND AND DREW GERACI. A new era in the life of Blüdhaven's protector begins with the arrival of the series' new art team: BIRDS OF PREY's Greg Land and Drew Geraci! Dick Grayson finally graduates from the Police Academy, but finding a position on the corrupt Blüdhaven force is tougher than he thought! And he's not the only one who's at a crossroads: Clancy has enrolled in medical school; Nite-Wing (Tad) has entered into a bloody alliance with Chief Redhorn; and Blockbuster, his health deteriorating, begins to feel the pressure of rivals from every direction. FC, 32 PG." Cover price $1.99.

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    DC Comics

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