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Moon Knight(vol. 5) #6

Moon Knight(vol. 5) #6


Written by CHARLIE HUSTON. Pencils & Cover by DAVID FINCH. Bloody Variant Cover by DAVID FINCH. Conclusion to first story arc! 'Glories Such As These': It's never about speed or slick moves or razor-sharp reflexes. It's about what you can take. It's about how much pain you can absorb. How many times you can hit the mat, bloody and dazed, and still get up. That's where glory is forged. That's where one earns the grace of God. Or in this case, Khonshu, God of Vengeance. Marc Spector's taken their best shot. Taskmaster. The Profile. The entire Committee. Question is, are they ready for his? 32 PGS./Parental Advisory. Cover price $2.99.

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    Marvel Comics

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