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Justice League of America(vol. 1) #195

Justice League of America(vol. 1) #195


First 60c issue. George Perez cover for "Targets on Two Worlds!" (story line runs through #195-197) the annual team-up for the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America takes place. This year the two teams take on the Secret Society of Super-Villains! Co-written by Gerry Conway and George Perezwith art by Perez and inks by John Beatty. This issue features Superman I and II, Batman, Wonder Woman, SA Flash, the Atom, Hourman, Hawkman, Firestorm, the Huntress and Jimmy Olsen. NOTE: This issue features a beautiful full 2-page pin-up scene depicting members of the JLA qand the JSA, 32 heroes in all, beautifully rendered by George Perez, a past master at this sort of thing! Cover price $0.60.

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    DC Comics

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