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JLA #40

JLA #40


WRITTEN BY GRANT MORRISON; ART AND COVER BY HOWARD PORTER AND JOHN DELL. Grant Morrison's ultimate JLA story continues with Part 5 of the 6-part "World War Three" as the ultimate danger to mankind and the universe itself ? Mageddon, the Anti-Sun, the Warbringer ? is finally revealed! While Animal Man and Steel race to find a solution to the conflict, the hosts of Heaven gather before a special envoy and the Flash returns from the edge of reality with help for the stricken Earth. Will even the ultimate sacrifice of a Leaguer be enough to prevent the Apocalypse of Mageddon? At long last, is all hope lost? Or does the Justice League have a surprise up its collective sleeve? FC, 32 PG." Cover price $1.99.

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    DC Comics

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