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JLA #36

JLA #36


Written by Grant Morrison; art and cover by Howard Porter and John Dell Grant Morrison's ultimate JLA story begins with Part 1 of the 6-part "World War Three"! Since the new League was formed, there have been hints of a deadly threat that could only be stopped by an army of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes. Now that threat has arrived, the doomsday weapon of the Old Gods...the "anti-sun" known as Mageddon. But if that weren't threat enough, Lex Luthor has assembled a new Injustice Gang -- with Prometheus, the General, and a new Queen Bee at its core -- and they're launching a fearsome assault on the JLA Watchtower. Will the JLA lose the ultimate battle almost before it begins? For more information, see the feature article. Note: A signed version is offered in the Dynamic Forces section of Previews. FC, 32 pg." Cover price $1.99.

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