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JLA #32

JLA #32


WRITTEN BY MARK WAID AND DEVIN GRAYSON; ART BY MARK PAJARILLO AND WALDEN WONG; COVER BY HOWARD PORTER AND JOHN DELL. The first of two issues by guest writers Mark Waid and Devin Grayson and the team of Mark Pajarillo and Walden Wong reveals the role the JLA has played in "No Man's Land"! With Gotham City cut off from the rest of the nation and crime running rampant on what's left of its streets, people across the land have wondered what the JLA is going to do about it. That question is answered as Batman's most powerful allies struggle to protect the innocent and punish an unexpected group of foes that is trying to use Gotham's misfortune for its own benefit. FC, 32 PG Cover price $1.99.

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    DC Comics

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