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JLA #119

JLA #119


Identity Crisis tie-in - Written by Geoff Johns & Allan Heinberg. Art by Chris Batista & Mark Farmer. Cover by Rags Morales & Farmer. The two concluding issues of the 5-part 'Crisis of Conscience,' written by Geoff Johns (THE FLASH, TEEN TITANS) and Allan Heinberg (The O.C.) double-ship in September! In JLA #118, the knockdown-dragout battle between Martian Manhunter and Despero continues, as the fight that began on the JLA Watchtower ends on Earth! Meanwhile, Superman intervenes in the Justice League's vote to mindwipe the Secret Society of Super Villains, and Zatanna makes a fateful decision. And in #119, the JLA must face off against Despero in Wayne Manor! But in order to stop Despero, the team will be forced to turn against one of its own... Cover price $2.50.

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    DC Comics

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