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Guardians of the Galaxy #050

Guardians of the Galaxy #050


Part 7 of 7 - "Coldly Sublime, Intolerably Just!" Written by Michael Gallagher. Art by Kevin West and Steve Montano. Get ready for a senses-shattering conclusion! Will the Hawk God keep Starkar and Aleta alive? Will Mephisto and Malevolence get the Ancient One's Amulet away from Talon? More secrets revealed about Vance's new suit and Yondu's true allegiance. Plus, the Beyonder's ultimate destiny. And how will the Protégé's ascension to the One Above All effect everything? Featuring the Living Tribunal, Eternity, Scathan the Celestial and more! Includes the back-up story: Future History: Part 1 of 3 – Written by Michael Gallagher. Art by Yancey Labat and Scott Koblish. Learn the history that led the Marvel Universe to the Guardians' present. 48 pages, FC.   Cover price $2.95.

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    Marvel Comics

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