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Green Arrow(vol. 2) #26

Green Arrow(vol. 2) #26


Monsters, hitmen, carnage, and lots of action mark the debut of of a new writer on GREEN ARROW! Judd Winick (GREEN LANTERN, Pedro & Me, The Adventures of Barry Ween, and the highly anticipated THE TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY and OUTSIDERS series) launches the Emerald Archer on a relentless quest for justice! Winick is aided and abetted by the fan-favorite art team of Phil Hester & Ande Parks, with striking covers by Matt Wagner. Winick's first story arc is the 6-part "Straight Shooter," which leads Ollie down a road of deception, danger, and tragedy. Star City is getting a facelift, but gentrification has its costs. Green Arrow has always been a man of the people, but now he has to prove it...little does he know that he has to prove it against a 3-ton ogre! And Black Lightning pays a visit to Star City...but does he come as a friend or foe? And don't miss GREEN ARROW #25, also released in May, featuring the penultimate chapter of the Green Arrow/Green Lantern crossover "Black Circle: Urban Knights!" GREEN ARROW is an ongoing series edited by Bob Schreck. The 32-page issue #25 arrives in comic-book stores May 7 and the 32-page issue #26 arrives May 21, both with a cover price of $2.50 U.S. Cover price $2.50.

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