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Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #39

Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #39


"Vengeance!" Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Ron Garney and Chris Ivy. After slaying muggers in Brooklyn, Vengeance checks in with Mephisto, who orders him to find Caretaker, whose blood will reveal Ghost Rider's location. Following a battle with demons that destroyed the Quentin Carnival, Johnny Blaze takes Ghost Rider and carnival workers Kodiak, Clara Menninger, Wolf and Maranda Woods to Dan Ketch's apartment, where they ponder the mysterious note left Blaze by the slain Eli McIntyre. Ketch goes to a market to buy food, but transforms into Ghost Rider when a robbery starts. At Cypress Hills Cemetery, Caretaker and Francis Ketch, clearly old acquaintances, talk about the fate of her children. They Vengeance attacks Caretaker, who leads him to the market. Vengeance battles Ghost Rider and gains the upper hand before Caretaker takes him down. Blaze arrives and Caretaker orders him and Ghost Rider to flee, spouting a cryptic message about the future. Vengeance recovers and Caretaker vanishes. 32 pages, FC. Cover price $1.75.

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    Marvel Comics

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