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Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #36

Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #36


"Transformations in Pain!" Guest starring Daredevil. Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Bret Blevins and Fred Fredericks. The demonic succubus visits Henry Bronson, sleeping in a Hell's Kitchen homeless shelter, feeding off his life force as a prelude to targeting ghost rider. His dying agonies wake the next beds resident, Calvin Zabo, who rants about killing everyone when he becomes Mr. Hyde again. Meanwhile, in Caretaker's basement Dan and Caretaker watch Suicide's skeleton healing. Dan leaves to head home, but is attacked outside by Succubus; transforming into Ghost Rider, he drives her off, then changes back to Dan. No longer sure what triggers his changes, or who attacked him, and suspecting Caretaker might know, he turns to go back inside, but the basement doorway has vanished. At that moment a weakened Succubus tries to drain a derelict outside the shelter, but Daredevil intervenes. She flees inside, choosing to feed off the Zabo instead, inadvertently triggering his change in to Hyde, and he throws her out the window. Witnessing this, Daredevil scoops up the stunt Succubus and flees, with Hyde pursuing. Dan spots the running battle, but it struck by flying debris, and when Hyde turns his attention towards the fallen biker, Daredevil drop Succubus to defend Dan. As Hyde and Daredevil clash, Succubus attacks Dan, who changes back and forth to Ghost Rider as she drains him. Leaping away from Hyde, Daredevil targets Succubus, and when Hyde tries to attack them both, Ghost Rider intercepts; unfazed by Hyde's blows, Ghost Rider ends the bout with his penance stare, then becomes Dan again. Daredevil stuns Succubus, and helps Dan escape as the police arrive. As the cops close in, Succubus drains Hyde's energy, insisting that Ghost Rider must belong to her master, Nightmare. 32 pages, FC. Cover price $1.75.

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