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Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #33

Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #33


"What does It Matter?!" Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Bret Blevins and Al Williamson. Danny Ketch reflects on how his life has changed since becoming Ghost Rider, until his mother interrupts him. Blackout's recent attack has made her consider the possibility of losing him, prompting her to admit something she never had the courage to tell him before: He and Barbara were adopted. Not sure what to think, Dan goes out for some air. Meanwhile, the Firm raids HEART's HQ, killing all the mercenaries except Meagher, who they take prisoner. Elsewhere, the insane Madcap, unable to feel pain since the accident that killed his family and mutated him, decides to show others that life is meaningless. Going to Grand Central Station, he uses his lunacy – introducing gazes to send several bystanders on reckless, life-threatening rampages. Driving by, Danny witnesses one victims death, triggering his transformation; he catches Madcap, and deploys the penance stare, making Madcap feel pain for the first time since his accident. However, after he departs, Madcap recovers, overjoyed at ceiling the long-lost sensation, and desperate to experience it again, no matter how much innocent blood he needs to spill to do so. Dan returns home, deciding to find his birth parents, convinced they must somehow be tied to Ghost Rider. Space 32 pages, FC. NOTE: The letters page of this issue includes an illustration of Ghost Rider mourning the then-recent demise of DC Comics Superman, and promising to seek vengeance for him. Cover price $1.75.

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    Marvel Comics

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