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Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #25

Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #25


"You Can't Go Home Again!" Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Ron Wagner and Mike Witherby. Stern announces to the Firm's technicians that Blackout will deliver Ghost Rider to them, in return for restoring his facial features. That night, the Firm releases Blackout from Evergreen Hospital. After killing a Firm surveillance team, Blackout calls Dan and taunts him, threatening to kill someone close to him, and if Ghost Rider shows up, all his loved ones will die. Elsewhere, angered over Blackouts release, the Firm orders Stern to return with Blackout, or suffer excruciating pain. Dan arrives at Stacy's too late to protect the Dolan's, and Blackout lures him back home, where he has also captured Francis and Jack. Their fight leads to the cemetery, where blackout slits Dan's throat. Dan's spirit watches his body transform into Ghost Rider. Blackout panics and runs, but Ghost Rider pursues. Stern appears and attempts to recapture Blackout, but Ghost Rider arrives, ready to punish both villains. When the task force's helicopter arrives, Ghost Rider leaves, with Stern and Blackout in tow. The next morning, a police search fails to find Ghost Rider, who is hiding in a crypt with the Cypress Hills Joker' s help. He uses part of his chain to seal Blackout and Stern in a coffin. Afraid to risk Dan's life by transforming, he decides to leave for New Orleans, and seek the help of Johnny Blaze. 32 pages, FC. Cover price $2.75.

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    Marvel Comics

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