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Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #24

Ghost Rider(vol. 2) #24


"Death Duel!" Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Mark Texeira and Andy Kubert. Deathwatch, Hag and Troll abduct Snowblind from his hospital room. Meanwhile, Ghost Rider rescues a hostage from a crazed drug dealer. Later, he transforms into Dan and calls Johnny Blaze. Instructs Blaze to get his journal to Francis if anything happens to him. Snowblind awakens in Deathwatch's hideout to find he is among dozens of Deathwatch's other captives, awaiting a sacrificial ceremony. Elsewhere, Dan is getting his affairs in order, mentally preparing himself for the ultimate battle. Prowling Greenwich Village's streets, Dan hears the cry of one of Deathwatch's victims and transforms into Ghost Rider. Deathwatch calls upon Hag and Troll to " tenderize" Snowblind, but their torture is cut short when Ghost Rider crashes in. Ghost Rider dispatches both soul-stealers, while Deathwatch drains the life from Snowblind. Not yet sated, Deathwatch turns to Ghost Rider, and they battle. Deathwatch breaks one of Ghost Rider's ribs and beat him with it, taunting him over his unwillingness to kill. Ghost Rider reminds Deathwatch that his reluctance to kill only applies to humans and punches into Deathwatch's chest. Deathwatch swells and explodes, with the blast destroying the building's top floor. Ghost Rider emerges from the rubble, wondering what the future holds now that so many of his foes are dead. 32 pages, FC. Cover price $1.75.

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    Marvel Comics

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