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G.I. Joe(Image) #6

G.I. Joe(Image) #6


(W) Josh Blaylock (A) Steve Kurth (I) John Larter (Cover) Mike Zeck In stores the week of May 1st. The Concept: G.I. JOE is the code name for America's daring and highly trained special mission force. It's purpose: to defend freedom against COBRA, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. This Issue: Starting an all-new story arc! Jump on now! Cobra Commander returns with a vengeance, and he's bringing STORM SHADOW along for help. Destro, meanwhile, decides the fate of his long lost son. On the G.I. Joe front, the Joes investigate a Cobra arms deal while Uncle Sam ponders just how many Joes they need now that Cobra is "gone" once again. FC32pp$2.95Ongoing Monthly Series Cover price $2.95.

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    Marvel Comics

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