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Fables #84

Fables #84


The Great Fables Crossover: Part 4 of 9 - Written by Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges. Art by Tony Akins and Andrew Pepoy. Cover by Joao Ruas. Disgusted with recent events in his own book, Jack Horner quits his own series, returns to FABLES in a big way and tries to pick up his on-again off-again romance with Rose Red while she's at her most vulnerable. But Jack Horner isn't the only wandering Jack who shows up at the Farm. In the meantime, Kevin Thorn is still safely ensconced in his writing retreat and about to start over on the universe, which would mean writing everything that currently exists out of existence! On sale May 13 32 pg, FC, MATURE READERS Cover price $2.99.

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    DC Comics

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