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Fables #7

Fables #7


WRITTEN BY BILL WILLINGHAM; ART BY MARK BUCKINGHAM AND STEVE LEIALOHA; PAINTED COVER BY JAMES JEAN "Animal Farm," Part 2 of 5. Something truly horrible has happened up at the Farm, and this time there's no Bigby Wolf on hand to investigate ? no one to find answers to all of the deadly questions that keep mounting. Why is there an unmarked grave in the woods, and who's in it? Why is Reynard the Fox on the run from everyone from Shere Khan to the Bandarlog Host? Why is Snow White in deadly peril and by whom? Why's the monkey drunk and what has that got to do with the sudden prophecies of doom from the Forsworn Knight? And finally, what's with all of the guns? MATURE READERS FC, 32 PG. $2.50 Cover price $2.50.

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    DC Comics

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