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Exiles #47

Exiles #47


(W) Tony Bedard (P & Cover) Mizuki Sakakibara; "Earn Your WIngs" (2 of 3) There's no rest for the weary when there are realities to save! After the devastating events of their last mission, the Eviles hope for a little downtime, only to find themselves 'ported directly into a none-too-friendly reception from the regular Marvel Universe! This X-MEN: RELOAD issure is a perfect jumping-on point, featureing the debut of the writer Tony Bedard (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Negation) and the promotion of the Exiles cover artist Mizuki Sakaibara to regular artist! Gueat-starring the Fantastic Four and Beak from New X-Men! Cover price $2.99.

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    Marvel Comics

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