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Exiles #17

Exiles #17


Wild Life Reserve - Written by Judd Winick. Art by Jim Calafiore and Eric Cannon. Cover by Mike McKone. Stand-alone issue! The Exiles are on an Earth where Curt Connors injected others with his lizard serum and the West Coast has been taken over by the violent reptiles. Blink and Mimic must stop Connors, who has reverted to human form, from detonating a nuke off the coast of California and killing all of the lizard people he has created. Characters: Exiles [Blink; Mimic; Morph; Sasquatch [Heather Hudson]; Nocturne; Sunfire]; Lizard [Curt Connors]; Lizard People. 32 pages, full color. Marvel PG Cover price $2.25.

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    Marvel Comics

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