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Deadpool(vol. 1) #32

Deadpool(vol. 1) #32


Cover by pete woods & walden wong joe kelly/pete woods/walden wong T-Ray puts Deadpool and Mercedes through their paces as he reveals more details... of her murder! The most shocking tidbit being that Deadpool may not be Wade Wilson?T-Ray is! Could D.P. be the monster that destroyed Wade Wilsons life? Confused? Intrigued? Then check out the book that received this stunning review: Marvels Merc-With-A-Mouth is the star of one of the coolest, side-splittingest, drop-dead-funniest funnybooks found today. And theres still lots of killing and hurting and maiming and stuff going alongside the jokes in DEADPOOL. What more could you possibly want? --Wizard (Marvel Memo: Keep Pool hurting and maiming by speaking your mind online at!) FC$1.99 " Cover price $1.99.

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    Marvel Comics

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