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Deadpool(vol. 1) #31

Deadpool(vol. 1) #31


Joe Kelly/Pete Woods/Walden Wong Deadpool wants T-Ray six feet under?but will he invade his house to do it?! To stick it to the albino with a bandaid, Wade Wilson will have to go straight into T-Rays pad, a place decorated with pieces of the past... namely, Deadpools past! Were racing towards a cool revelation concerning our Merc-With-A-Mouth, and now theres no turning back! Plus: The return of an old, four-legged friend! Oh yeah... DEADPOOL: Still not cancelled! So there! (Marvel Memo: Keep Pool hoppin by voting online to save his sorry butt at!) Cover by Pete Woods & Walden Wong. FC$1.99" Cover price $1.99.

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    Marvel Comics

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