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Deadpool(vol. 1) #25

Deadpool(vol. 1) #25


Cover pencils by Walter McDaniel, inks by John Livesay. Dead Reckoning Part 3: What the World Needs Now, script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Walter McDaniel, inks by Whitney McFarland, Rodney Ramos, Walden Wong, Scott Elmer, and Scott Koblish; In the desert sands of Egypt, Deadpool does what even Captain America in a Landau, Luckman and Lake battle suit can't--he accepts his destiny as a hero, steps up to the plate and saves the universe from a cosmic messiah who offers peace at the price of giving up free will and change; Dixon goes nuts in the aftermath and Zoe takes over LL & L as she writes Deadpool off as a loss. 52 pgs. $2.99. Cover price $2.99.

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    Marvel Comics

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