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Deadpool(vol. 1) #23

Deadpool(vol. 1) #23


Cover pencils by Walter McDaniel. Dead Reckoning Part 1, script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Walter McDaniel, inks by Whitney McFarland, Alp Altiner, and John Livesay; Deadpool takes on his destined role as the Mithras by tracking down the alien monster Tiamat and engaging him in battle; Zoe realizes that DP has been predetermined to lose and tries to warn him, but Dixon pulls the plug; An injured Deadpool escapes and limps home, little knowing that a bomb has been planted in his house; Zoe races to his aid but is caught in the explosion with DP and Al; Knowing in advance of Pool's failure, Dixon calls in his second string, Captain America. 54 pgs. $2.99. Cover price $2.99.

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    Marvel Comics

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