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Chew #4

Chew #4

First Printing. Taster's Choice: Part 4 of 5 - Written by JOHN LAYMAN. Art and Cover ROB GUILLORY. A senator with bloodstream full of drugs and a belly full of chicken is stone dead in the morgue, and the trail leads back all the way the Arctic, to a joint U.S./Russian space observatory that has been singularly focused on a single, distant, Earth-like planet. Tony Chu and his partner are about to discover whatever secret this planet holds does not compare to those being kept by the astronomers. Yeah, that weird stuff just got weirder, in a spacey story from Image's deliciously twisted new series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals and clairvoyants! RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES
Cover price $2.99.
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    Image Comics

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