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Brave and the Bold(vol. 1) #174

Brave and the Bold(vol. 1) #174


Cover by Jim Aparo. "To Trap an Immortal," script by Gerry Conway, art by Jim Aparo; Batman has Green Lantern enlist the aid of The Old Timer, now a mortal on the planet Maltus, to help discern which of the Guardians is actually Sinestro in disguise, who has tapped into the Central Power Battery. An Arrow in Time Hostess Fruit Pies ad with Green Arrow. Back-up story: "Bishop's Sacrifice," script by Cary Burkett, art by Dan Spiegle; Nemesis escapes a Scotland Yard agent, digs up a clue about who captured Sir Robert, and is attacked by men who have kidnapped Valerie Foxworth; Continued from Green Lantern #173; continued in Green Lantern #175. Donruss Baseball Cards ad. Statement of ownership - average print run 271,477; average paid circulation 109,180. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.50.

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    DC Comics

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