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Brave and the Bold(vol. 1) #171

Brave and the Bold(vol. 1) #171


Cover by Jim Aparo. "A Cannon for Batman," script by Gerry Conway, art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez; To learn the secret of a Civil War campaign patch created in the image of his bat-emblem, Batman is sent back to 1862 by Prof. Carter Nichols and meets Scalphunter. Aquaman and the Space Capsule ad for Hostess Fruit Pies. Back-up story: "Double or Nothing," script by Cary Burkett, art by Dan Spiegle; Nemesis tries to take on a casino run by one of the Councils members, but a blonde out for vengeance against his target complicates matters. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.50.

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    DC Comics

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