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Brave and the Bold(vol. 1) #143

Brave and the Bold(vol. 1) #143


44-page giant. Cover by Jim Aparo. "Cast the First Stone," script by Bob Haney and Cary Burkett, art by Jim Aparo; Batman receives aid from the Creeper as he tries to corral a TV network news anchor who is the kingpin of a drug-smuggling ring. Article by publisher Jenette Kahn on recent price increases. "The Cat and the Canary Contract!", script by Len Wein, art by Dick Giordano; Christopher Chance has to take on the identity of Amos Sharkey, a former loan-shark-gone-straight, who is also the very man that ordered the hit on his father years ago. 44 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.50.

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    DC Comics

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