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Brave and the Bold(vol. 1) #119

Brave and the Bold(vol. 1) #119


Cover by Jim Aparo. "Bring Back Killer Krag," script by Bob Haney, art by Jim Aparo; When crime boss Dolph Rossi puts a hit out on a man named Moran, Batman and Commissioner Gordon provide him protection. This proves to be no easy task as the top hit man Killer Krag is the man hired to kill Moran; Watching Moran at a horse race, they fail to prevent his assassination when Krag disguises himself as a jockey at the horse track; They also fail in stopping Krag from escaping to the island nation of Santa Cruz; Kirk Langstrom uses his formula to become the Man-Bat; As Batman deals with the dangers getting into the island including sharks and superstitious natives. Man-Bat uses his grotesque appearance to convince the islanders that he's a bat-god. Hostess snack cakes ad with Superman. Statement of ownership - average print run 380,640; average paid circulation 190,100. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.25.

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    DC Comics

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